graphic design logo - enticott design, london uk
graphic design logo - enticott design, london uk
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Telephone: 0845 199 0129

Postal address:
Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX

If you are calling to discuss a project that you have in mind, it may be worth thinking about the following points:

1. Size - A4 or square for example?

2. Number of pages?

3. Quantity of literature to print?

4. For a website, do you require an online shop, the ability to take payments, or are you collecting a list of members perhaps?

5. Will your website need to be updated regularly? We can see if a content management system will be a sensible solution, or look at other options.

6. Are you interested in search engine optimisation or pay per click campaigns for your website?


graphic design consultant Kevan EnticottI am more than happy to discuss any projects over the phone initially. For example, if you are wondering how much it may cost to design and print a brochure or newsletter, I can probably give you a ball-park figure straight away and follow this up with a specific price the following day.

Even if you are unsure how to achieve your objective of, say, promoting your service to prospective customers, clients often find it useful to discuss options with me initially.

I should point out that for website design, I produce all standard HTML websites myself, and for database driven sites, such as those with a shopping cart or registration process, I will employ a database specialist to produce the site functionality, while I will supply the template design to work from.

Hopefully I can be of assistance!

Kevan Enticott